By Eric Laughman, Trojan Tempo Staff Writer

Name:Girls’ 4x1600m Relay Team: Morgan Gigandet, Olivia Tyre, Kate Pence, Emma Shigley

School: Troy High School

Grade: Gigandet/Shigley: 10, Tyre/Pence: 9

Sport: Track

Claim to fame/honors: Set the school record at the Edwin C. Moses Relays

Words to live by: Gigandet: If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

            Tyre: Try to leave the world better than you found it.

            Pence: Dream big, and never give up

            Shigley: The faster you run, the faster you’ll be done.

Toughest opponent: Gigandet: Lainey Studebaker

           Tyre: Emma Shigley

           Pence: Myself

           Shigley: Centerville cross country and track team.

Biggest influence: Gigandet: My team

          Tyre: God

          Pence: My parents

          Shigley: My parents and siblings

Favorite home-cooked meal: Gigandet: Anything that has pasta in it.

                       Tyre: Lasagna

                       Pence: Steak, sweet potato, salad

                       Shigley: Chicken Enchiladas.

Favorite restaurant: Gigandet: Olive Garden

            Tyre: A&W Root beer Stand

            Pence: Outback

           Shigley: Jeet India

Whose mind would you like to read: Gigandet: My coaches

                                    Tyre: My little brothers’ (Wyatt)

                                    Pence: I would love to read a dog's mind

                                    Shigley: Nobody

Place where you'd love to travel: Gigandet: The Bahamas

                            Tyre: New Orleans

                            Pence: California

                             Shigley: Hawaii

Something in the world you'd like to change: Gigandet: The Environment

             Tyre: The way we treat our environment.

            Pence: I would change the way society treats animals

           Shigley: I wish people in the world could become more optimistic, and have a positive attitude.

Do you want to play in college: Gigandet: Yes!

   Tyre: Yes I would love to run in college.

   Pence: I haven’t decided yet, but maybe

   Shigley: Yes, I want to compete in cross country and track at the college level.

What sets you apart from your competition: Gigandet: Endurance I have to go fast for long distances.

                   Tyre: I am okay if someone beats me as long as I made them work for it.

                   Pence: My work ethic

                     Shigley: I have qualified for state every year so four in XC, and at the regional level in track.

What are your strengths? Areas for improvement? Gigandet: Endurance in distance. I need to improve feeling TIRED at the end of a race.

            Tyre: I can switch from sprints to distance fairly well but I need to work on my running form.

            Pence: Strengths: Consistency. What I could improve on: Mental Toughness

            Shigley: I am able to push myself past the first mile. I need to improve on my sprinting ability at the end of a race.

What are your goals for yourself before you finish high school: Gigandet: Win 3200m track at state and cross country and help get 4x800 to state.

            Tyre: My goal is to place in top 5 for something at state.

            Pence: Qualify for state all 4 years of High School, stay motivated, and eat healthier

            Shigley: Make it to state as an individual in track.

What keeps you motivated: Gigandet: My team, family.

            Tyre: The fact there’s always one thing I can improve on.

            Pence: My competition

            Shigley: Always thinking positive before a race, if I’m not mentally prepared I won't do well.

What gets you fired up before a game: Gigandet: My teammates and knowing we all will do great.

   Tyre: I jump around a lot and just move around.

            Pence: Music

            Shigley: When our teammates come out and support the team.

Other clubs/activities/sports: Gigandet: Cross Country.

            Tyre: I am in choir. I worked on the play, I played soccer, and I’m in the outdoors club. I also run Cross Country.

            Pence: Cross Country, Student Government

            Shigley: Cross country and track.

Most memorable accomplishment: Gigandet: Getting 7th at state in 3200m at track last year.

            Tyre: Getting a personal record with one shoe on.

            Pence: Qualifying as a team for the state cross country meet

            Shigley: Qualifying for state as an individual my freshman year.

Advice for aspiring players: Gigandet: To do what you love.

            Tyre: Work as hard as you possibly can but listen to your body and don't worry about what other people will say about your accomplishments.

            Pence: Believe in yourself

            Shigley: Every race and practice put forth your best effort.

Who is your role model: Gigandet: Dad

            Tyre: My step-dad, David.

            Pence: My Dad and Coach Alexander.

            Shigley: My parents and Coach Alexander.