By Annie Griffith, Trojan Tempo Staff Writer

Seniors will soon flood the halls of Troy High School for the last time, for the end is finally near. Seniors have been in school for nearly their whole lives at this point, finally reaching the ending point of their schooling career at Troy— a big change for all of us.

The transition has finally set in for many seniors at Troy High School. The realization of the soon approaching end has caused many seniors have been left with bitter-sweet memories.

“My best high school experience was having so many teachers who truly care about my learning experience. They’re one of the biggest reasons I want to become a teacher myself,” said senior, Haley Huelsman.

Each graduating class has different people, involved in different activities, and with different jobs. All of these factors are a perfect recipe for a class that stands apart from the rest each year.

“The seniors this year are a lot more relaxed, and very accepting kind individuals— we don’t have time, nor do we want to cause conflict amongst our peers,” said Sam Nation, senior at Troy High School.

When being involved with many different activities, comes great joy. Participating in clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activates brings fellow peers together as well. As final club meeting come around, seniors reflect over their good times.

“I will miss being a part of such a wonderful organization like the thespian troupe,” said Niki Drake, senior at Troy High School.

Seniors reflect over their past, but it is not the only thing on the minds of seniors— they are also looking forward to their future. The road ahead will be a difficult road to travel, but the seniors seem to be prepared.

“I am looking forward to the freedom, and college debt, that comes after high school,” said senior, Ben Leckrone.

The years have been rigorous through academics, sports, and extracurricular activities, but seniors have finally reached the end. Through these experiences, seniors have learned a lot, and they are more than happy to share their tips of surviving senior year.

“If I could give next year’s seniors advice I would tell them everything will end up just as it should be. Try to relax, even though it may feel as if nothing is going according to plan,” said Haley Huelsman.