By Shelby Campbell, staff writer for the Trojan Tempo

Many universities have an early admission date of November, and a number of Troy seniors have received their first college acceptance letters. Colleges such as the University of Cincinnati, Ohio University, Kent State University and the University of Toledo have mailed acceptance letters to students. Along with these acceptance letters comes senior apathy, also known as “senioritis”. Seniors such as Troy’s Jake Anderson are applying and being accepted into competitive schools, signifying the need to continue to keep their grades up. Anderson’s first choice of college, Duke University, is keeping him motivated to continue to excel academically.

“Duke requires a first quarter report with their application, and grades are still important for certain scholarships,” Anderson said.

Guidance counselor Mr. Metz stresses the importance of keeping grades up, especially after being accepted into college.

“It’s [the student’s] job to pass,” Metz said. Along with Anderson, Metz emphasizes the need for a good grade point average when applying for scholarships.

Senioritis is an affliction that affects almost every senior at some point. Millie Mayo of Troy describes her experience with apathy.

“I’m pretty much coasting right now,” Mayo said. “My classes aren’t too difficult, and so I’m able to relax a little bit.”

“Junior year for grades was definitely the most important year,” Anderson said. Although many students have this opinion as well, grades are still important during senior year.

“Just get into the habit of doing your homework. Once you get into the habit of slacking off, it’s much harder to break. So begin a habit of doing homework or studying before anything else,” advised Mr. Metz.

Although seniors may be relaxed about their grades this year, it is still important for them to keep their grades up. If a senior has not yet applied, or has not received an acceptance letter, grades are of the utmost importance. After receiving an acceptance letter, do not forget that many schools require a final transcript after graduation. Good luck seniors!

Shelby Campbell is a senior staff writer for the Trojan Tempo who is experiencing maximum senioritis after being accepted to Ohio University.