Several area athletes were honored recently by the District 9 basketball coaches, as they selected the District Nine media team for this season.

Tecumseh placed four players on the Division One girls’ team, including seniors Lindsey Nartker and Danielle Franklin, along with freshmen Presley Griffitts and Corinne Thomas. Also named to the Division One team was junior Bailey Hess.

In Division Two, Tippecanoe senior Aubrey Cox was voted on the team, as was sophomore Allison Mader.

A pair of Northeastern players were named to the Division Three team, as Korynne Berner and Abby Zerkle landed on the team.

On the boys side, the Tecumseh duo of Malik and Darius Quisenberry were both named to the Division One team, while Tippecanoe senior Carter Mann was named to the Division Two team. Red Devils coach Joel Visser earned the Coach of the Year selection from his peers in D2.

In Division Three, Caleb South from Bethel and Kurt Waters from Northwestern were both selected by the coaches to the media team.

The senior all-star games will be held at the end of the month also. In the Division 1-2-3 girls’ games, area players involved will be Berner and Katelyn Partlow of Northwestern, Hardy from Greenon, Nartker and Franklin from Tecumseh and Cox from Tippecanoe.

In the Division 1-2-3 boys game, playing will be Mann, Malik Quisenberry and Romello Yaqub from Troy.

Here are the complete Media teams, as voted on by the coaches (area players highlighted):

Girls Division 1: Bailey Hess- Troy, Sylvia Hudson- Sidney, Kaitlyn Davis- Sidney, Celena Taborn- Sidney, Erin Mangen- Northmont, Lindsey Nartker- Tecumseh, Corinne Thomas- Tecumseh, Danielle Franklin- Tecumseh, Presley Griffitts- Tecumseh, Shelby Moses- Butler, Brittney Petrosky- Butler, Ella Welsh- Xenia, Player of the Year- Hudson. Coach of the Year- Megan Mummey (Sidney).

Girls Division 2: Macey Hardy- Greenon, Alyssa Garberich- Shawnee, Katy Curnutte- Urbana, Hunter Rogan- Urbana, Jamari McDavid- Kenton Ridge, Mikala Morris- Kenton Ridge, Nikki Current- Ben Logan,

Hayley Boysel- Ben Logan, Allison Mader- Tippecanoe, Aubrey Cox- Tippecanoe, Player of the Year- McDavid. Coach of the Year- Donnie Sosby (Ben Logan).

Girls Division 3: Lauren Monnin- Versailles, Avery Bensman- Anna, Kristen Combs- Greeneview, Morgan Haney- Miami East, Jenna Ober- Triad, Kaitlyn Moore- Northeastern, Jamie Peterson- West LIberty Salem, Korynne Berner- Northwestern, Abby Zerkle- Northwestern, Stevie Johnting- Arcanum, Player of the Year- Peterson. Coaches of the Year- Dennis McIntosh (West Liberty Salem), Doug Martin (Anna).

Girls Division 4: Jesica Boerger- Fort Loramie, Holly Frey- Fort Loramie, Isabelle Bolender- Cedarville, Tiffany Hatcher- Russia, Maria Herron- Russia, Mandi Bates- Bradford, Kayla Hueker- Botkins, Jenna Winner- Houston, Macey Stang- Houston, Brooke Neal- Ansonia, Lexie Perry- Southeastern, Allie Downing- Tri Village, Danika Mann- Tri Village, Madison Mollette- Newton, Mikayla Dodane- Mechanicsburg, Elly Schipfer- Mechanicsburg, Audrey Francis- Fairlawn, Jessica Crowell- Covington,

Brooke Gostomsky- Covington, Nicole Fogt- Jackson Center. Player of the Year- Boerger

Coach of the Year- Brad Gray (Tri Village).

Boys Division 1: Rocky James- Xenia, Ray Jones- Xenia, Darius Quisenberry- Tecumseh, Malik Quisenberry- Tecumseh, Colton Bachman- Piqua, Jason Biggs- Northmont, Andre Gordon- Sidney, Danny Davis- Springfield, Darius Harper- Springfield, Clay Guillozet- Greenville, Isiah Gable- Greenville. Player of the Year- Guillozet, Coach of the Year- Kent Anderson- Xenia.

Boys Division 2: Carter Mann- Tippecanoe, Seth Gray- Shawnee, Nathan Bostick- Shawnee, Grant Ricketts- Ben Logan, Andrew Ford- Graham, Jordan Bailey- Kenton Ridge, Beau Hefner- Indian Lake, Alex Jacobs- Indian Lake, Jordan Underwood- Urbana, Cameron Logwood- Urbana. Player of the Year- Gray. Coach of the Year- Joel Visser- Tippecanoe.

Boys Division 3: Damien Mackesy- Miami East, Brandon Mack- Miami East, Ethan Bradds- Greeneview, Austin Miller- West Liberty Salem, Kannon Stillings- West Liberty Salem, Casey Hayes- Northeastern, Carter Huelskamp- Anna, Blake Stephens- Anna, Caleb South- Bethel, Kurt Waters- Northwestern, Zach Hyre- Franklin Monroe. Player of the Year- Macksey. Coaches of the Year- Allen Mack- Miami East, Darren Leighty- West Liberty Salem.

Boys Division 4: Jordan Maschino- Covington, Jake Bertemes- Southeastern, Tyler Van Winkle- Tri Village, Gavin Richards- Tri Village, Devon Rinderle- Mississinawa Valley, Nathan Lessing- Fairlawn, Drew Sosby- Jackson Center, Brady Wildermuth- Jackson Center, Ryan Boyd- Triad, Josh Wilson- Cedarville, Damyneik Phipps- Houston, Andrew Lyons- Southeastern, Dillon Brown- Fort Loramie, Trace Couch- Tri Village, Chad Bergman- Botkins, Jacob Gannon- Cedarville, Landon Kelsy- Riverside, Trevor Monnin- Russia, Josh York- Russia, Brock Jamison- Newton. Player of the Year- Sosby. Coaches of the Year- Tim Barga- Mississinawa Valley,