Monday, February 8

1:27 p.m. – Traffic stop on Eldean Rd. at County Rd. 25A. The driver was found to be under suspension and was so cited.

Tuesday, February 9

10:04 a.m. – To Horseshoe Bend Rd. for a report of an accident. A woman reported hearing “scrapping” noises outside. When she looked out, she saw that her mailbox had been hit. Tracks in the snow showed that a vehicle went left of center, struck the mailbox, overcorrected and went off the right side into a ditch. The vehicle was then able to leave the scene. No evidence was left at the scene to identify a possible suspect vehicle.

4:44 p.m. – While on patrol a deputy passed through the Royal Inn parking lot and saw a Ford F-150 occupied by two people in the back corner of the lot. He saw an open beer can on the dash in front of the passenger. A consensual search yielded no other contraband.

6:21 p.m. – To Fox Run for a report of an unruly juvenile. The RP’s son was reportedly using marijuana. A marijuana bong was found and the juvenile was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Wednesday, February 12

5:49 a.m. – To E. St. Rt. 41 for a report of a theft. A man reported that someone pried the dash of his truck trying to take the radio. He noticed that several items had been taken from the truck. He said that he had left the passenger door unlocked. There are no suspects.

Thursday, February 11

10:04 p.m. – Traffic stop on E. Main St. at Floral Ave. A vehicle was stopped for a broken taillight and for traveling left of center 3 times within a half mile. The driver said she didn’t know where her license was. She was informed that her license was suspended. She was cited for driving under suspension and given a warning for marked lanes. A valid driver responded and took custody of the vehicle.