Tuesday, March 8

1:11 p.m. – To Eldean Rd. for a report of a theft. A man reported that sometime over the winter months, someone took his motorcycle out of his unattached garage. There were no signs of forced entry but no evidence could be collected due to the scene being compromised by other family members. The man’s brother was in the garage two weeks ago and the motorcycle was not there. It was thought that the man removed the cycle himself, but that was not disproved until today. The motorcycle was entered as stolen.

11:50 p.m. – Traffic stop on Michigan Ave. at Staunton Rd. The driver was found to be under suspension. She was cited for driving under suspension and marked lanes. She and her passenger were transported to the passenger’s home.

Wednesday, March 9

5:21 p.m. – To N. County Rd. 25A for a report of a theft. A man reported that between 4:00 and 4:45 today, someone took items from his vehicle. There are no suspects.

Thursday, March 10

8:01 a.m. – To Gaier Dr. for a report of harassment. A woman reported that her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend has been harassing her on Facebook. Both parties were warned about phone harassment and that charges could be filed if it continues.

Saturday, March 12

11:16 p.m. – To Upper Valley Medical Center for a report of phone harassment. A patient stated that a female subject was calling and texting her despite her requests that the subject stop. The deputy called the subject and left a message on her voice mail to stop calling the woman.

Sunday, March 13

3:11 a.m. – Traffic stop on N. Monroe St. at W. Main St. The driver was arrested for OVI.

12:03 p.m. – A deputy saw a vehicle on W. Main St. driven by a man that the deputy knew was under suspension. The man pulled into Arby’s lot and went inside. The deputy waited down the street. The man then left Arby’s got into his car and pulled up to the street. He saw the deputy and pulled back into the parking lot and went back into Arby’s. The deputy made contact with him and the man said that he knew he was under suspension and that is why he went back into Arby’s. He had parked in a handicapped spot. He was cited for driving under suspension and parking in a handicapped spot.

12:17 p.m. – To State Rt. 718. A man and wife reported that they have had several strange incidents happen to them lately. They reported that they have had keys disappear and reappear a few days later. Today as they were backing out of their garage, the door closed on their vehicle causing damage to the door. They believe that someone has the code to their door opener, and suspect a neighbor. They said every time something strange happens, the neighbor is nearby. The deputy spoke with the neighbor and he said that he believes the wife is creating incidents to damage his friendship with her husband. He was advised to stay away from the RPs.

6:00 p.m. – Dispatch advised that a vehicle involved in a hit-skip crash was last seen northbound on Piqua Troy Rd. A deputy saw it and initiated a traffic stop. The 16-year-old driver at first denied hitting anything, then said that he panicked because of the crash. He was turned over to Troy Police for follow-up investigation.

9:33 p.m. – While approaching the intersection of Rt. 55 and Stonyridge Ave., a vehicle pulled out in front of the deputy almost causing a collision. A traffic stop was initiated and the driver was found to be under suspension. He was cited for DUS and for failure to yield right-of-way and walked away from the scene.