Monday 11/7

7:56 a.m. – To Stonyridge and Heritage for a report of a found bicycle. The officer found the bike lying on the sidewalk. It was a red boys’ 20” West Coast Chopper bike in poor condition. It was not reported stolen, so it was submitted into property.

12:08 p.m. – A man came into the Police Station with a bicycle. He said he found it and wanted to know if he could keep it. The man left before the officer arrived. The bike was submitted into property.

6:06 p.m. – To Fairview Ct. for a report of a missing person. A woman reported that her husband left at 1:00 to go to a meeting at an employment agency. She said that she soon got a call from him stating that he was going with others to get a drug test. She had not heard from him since. The officer checked with dispatch to contact UVMC to see if he was there. He wasn’t. The officer cruised the UVMC lot and the parking lot of his employer but could not find his vehicle. The woman informed the officer of her husband’s medical issues which he relayed to dispatch. Dispatch replied that the medical issues were not life threatening, so his carrier would not ping his cell phone. The officer informed the woman of his findings. At 8:19 p.m. officers were dispatched to a crash with possible injury. The vehicle had just driven into a yard. The driver was the missing man, and he was intoxicated. An open container of vodka was found in the vehicle. The man was incarcerated.

10:48 p.m. – To Wal-Mart for a report of a sex offense. A woman reported that a man parked beside her in the lot, exposed himself and pleasured himself in his vehicle. The subject had left before the officer arrived. She got his license number, but the suspect’s registered address was a vacant house that was for sale. He was contacted by phone and said that he thought the victim was someone he knew and it would have been a joke. The victim said that the suspect left when her husband arrived. The officer went to the subject’s address where he again apologized. He was charged with public indecency.

Tuesday 11/8

5:40 a.m. – Traffic stop on W. Market at Grant. The driver had a suspended license but said that she was unaware of it. She was cited for driving under suspension.

12:21 p.m. – To Stonyridge Ave. to assist a Juvenile Probation officer. The Probation Officer requested that a female be taken to JDC. She said all of the paperwork had been done. The juvenile was transported to JDC.

4:08 p.m. – To S. Ridge Ave. for a report of a theft. A man reported that multiple power tools were stolen from his garage over the past few weeks. He said a power washer, leaf blower, chain saw, pole saw, multiple hand tools and two electric blowers are missing. He said he had already reported that someone entered his vehicle and took about $30 from it. The officer checked the system and found similar items that have been pawned, but he could not be sure if they were from this theft.

8:21 p.m. – To Imperial Court for a report of a disturbance. A man was arrested and charged with domestic violence and assault.

11:52 p.m. – An officer saw a vehicle westbound on Staunton Rd. and clocked it at 68 MPH in a 35 MPH zone. He followed the vehicle to an address on Maplecrest Dr. The driver got out of the vehicle and the officer told him to stay where he was. The driver then went into the house and closed the door. The officer knocked on the door and the driver answered with a newly opened bottle of whiskey and yelled at the officer for knocking on his door. The officer explained why he was contacting him, and the man yelled at the officer to go away and that he was drunk, then slammed the door in the officer’s face. The officer ran the vehicle’s registration and found the owner was the driver. The officer completed a citation for speed and knocked on the door. The driver answered the door, still holding his bottle of whiskey, and accepted the citation.

Thursday 11/10

3:53 p.m. – Traffic stop in the Wal-Mart parking lot. The driver was cited for expired registration.

4:35 p.m. - To Mystic Lane South to assist a squad. A woman was charged with endangering children and abusing harmful intoxicants.

4:55 p.m. – Traffic stop in the Wendy’s parking lot. The driver had a suspended license and she said she was aware of it. She was cited.

5:09 p.m. – Traffic stop on Plum at Terrace. The driver had not stopped at the stop sign at Plum and Race. The driver said he did not see the sign. He was cited.

5:16 p.m. – Traffic stop on Adams St. The vehicle was clocked at 47 MPH in a 25 MPH zone. The driver said she was not from the area and was unaware of the speed limit. She was cited for speed and advised to pay more attention to the signs.

7:18 p.m. – To Virginia Ave. for a report of a theft. A woman reported that a bicycle was stolen from her home.

8:48 p.m. – To W. Main St. and Troy Towne Rd. for a report of a vehicle fire. The officer arrived to find a 1997 Buick Park Avenue with flames coming from the bottom of the engine compartment. The officer got his fire extinguisher and emptied it in an attempt to extinguish the fire, but was unsuccessful. As the Fire Department arrived, flames started coming out of the hood. The fire was extinguished quickly and the vehicle was towed. The cause of the fire is unknown.

8:56 p.m. – Traffic stop on W. Main at Westbrook on a vehicle with expired tags. The driver said that she remembered being stopped in the past for expired tags, but thought that her boyfriend had renewed them. She was cited for expired tags.

Friday 11/11

1:09 a.m. – Traffic stop on Market at Staunton. The vehicle’s registration had expired. The driver said she forgot to renew it because she never received anything in the mail about it. She was cited for expired plates.