At the December 20, 2016 meeting of the Concord Township Trustees, the trustees approved a motion for the Concord Township Road Crew to pick up Christmas Trees this year. Pickup dates start on December 27, 2016 and run through January 13, 2017. All decorations must be removed from the trees and they should not be placed in a plastic bag. The road crew will take the trees to the Miami County Sanitary Engineer to be ground into mulch.

Road Superintendent Neil Rhoades said, "The ice storm we had on Saturday was the worst I have ever seen." He also reported that he had a minor accident on Peters Road while salting the streets. He said, "The truck slid sideways into a vehicle that was already stuck on the hill. I called the insurance agent. There was little visible damage to either vehicle. I also slid off the side of the road on Barnhart several times, but the truck stopped when it hit the grass."

In addition, Rhoades reported that the alternator went out on one of the trucks and the gas turbo went out on the other truck. The alternator has been fixed; however, the other truck is still out of commission. He also reported that a semi is parked on Rosewood that needs to be moved to prevent problems when the crews are salting and plowing.

In new business, the trustees approved the 2017 Temporary Appropriations. The permanent appropriations cannot be made until Fiscal Officer Pat Quillen receives the amended certificate from the auditor, which will not be until April 2017. 

Trustee Don Pence said, "The Township should see less money used from the general fund this year because we don't have expensive capital improvement projects planned for 2017.'

They also approved wage increases for full time staff and seasonal help. They approved a 3% wage increase for full-time staff and a $.25 increase for returning seasonal staff.

The next meeting of the Concord Township Trustees is scheduled for December 29, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. to close out the business for the year.