The Troy Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that Robert Shook has been named the Distinguished Citizen for 2015. The award, which has been given annually since 1958, honors an individual living and/or working in the Troy area, and who has distinguished themselves by making an outstanding contribution in business and/or in their personal lives that has benefited the Troy community. Robert Shook will be honored at the TACC Annual Recognition Banquet on November 19th at the Crystal Room.

Robert Shook has long been a leader on our community. A native of Troy, Robert was a leader and winner as a Troy High School football player. Though Bob traveled worldwide in the Army and then as an Insurance Executive, he always kept Troy as his home of residence (84 years).

In the nomination, Jay Wackler said “Much of my professional career involved working with, and being friends with, leaders -­‐ people that could get the job done when no one else could, people that have the “can do” attitude and the “did do” reputation. It was one of the highlights of my life when I met Robert J. Shook and observed him being one that resembled many of my “can do, did do” friends.”

Bob is recognized for his involvement working on the Miami Valley Resource Planning Committee designing and purchasing such things as the I-­‐75 remodel through Dayton, The I70/I75 intersection remodel and many other community improvement projects that clearly improved the quality of life for each and every one of us. Closer to home, Miami County residents can thank Mr. Shook for his commitment to recreational trails. He designed, negotiated land usage, acquired funding and managed a team to continue the development of “the longest paved, off road recreation trail in the United States.” In addition, Bob formed the Barbara Sharkey Shoo foundation. Money raised is dedicated to the Park District for use on bicycle, walking and running trail to encourage natural habitat. Bob’s foresight has improved traffic flow through our area both highway and trail. His hard work has improved the development of our life styles and industry for jobs.

After taking an early Retirement Bob and his family settled in their Troy home where they currently live. Since retirement Bob has been anything but idle. Bob spent many years as a teacher training Insurance professionals and was Concord Township Trustee. Bob attends the Presbyterian Church and has always been a member of the Choir. For many years he served on the church board. Bob is a member of the Troy, Post 43 American Legion. During this membership Bob has actively worked to promote the Post in order to keep its membership active. . Bob was the founder and leader of the Miami County Veteran’s History project through the office of Congressman John Boehner.

During this period Bob was instrumental in recording in excess of 160 WWII, Korean, and Vietnam veterans. There were also some Afghanistan and Iraqi veterans recorded. Each of these veterans’ recordings were documented and place on the Library of Congress Web Site. Recently Bob was nominated for membership into the Ohio Veteran’s Hall of Fame. There was a period of time when Bob was active in Politics.

These are the years he held the office as President of the Republican Men’s Club, Concord Township Trustee and he is still a senior member of the Miami County Republican Men/s Club. Bob participated as an active member of the Miami County Public Health and the Miami County Parks District. It was working with the County Commissioners and the Miami County Parks District while he created the Miami County Recreation Trail committee to establish the 23 miles of trails built using the MVRPC guidelines. Bob was the president of the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission.

Bob married Barbara Sharkey (1954) has two children Julie Shook Muhlberger and Tom Shook, A Son-in-Law Michael Muhlberger and three Grandchildren, Sarah, Michael and Jason.

From Jay Wackler, “To answer your question as to why I feel Bob Shook should receive the Distinguished Citizen Award I must first compliment you, the selection committee for your overall evaluation and not that of just one great deed. By selecting Bob you are recognizing a person for a career of service. You are also recognizing the many years of trial and error, experience and successes it takes to develop these wonderful abilities.

You are thanking Mr. Robert J. Shook for sharing the lifelong lessons with us and giving us the benefit of his hard work/Love for us.“