The amount of restitution to be paid by the former Troy city operations superintendent convicted of unauthorized use of property will be determined at a hearing to be scheduled in Miami County Municipal Court.

Michael "Scott" Walter, 66, pleaded no contest and was found guilty of the misdemeanor for mishandling cash from the sale of city scrap metal. 

He was sentenced Feb. 5 to a fine, court costs and a suspended six months in jail with restitution of $4,266.43 to be paid to the city. He challenged the restitution amount and a hearing was scheduled for Feb. 27. 

A verbal agreement reached before that hearing between the municipal prosecutor, Lenee Brosh, and defense lawyer Jose Lopez to dismiss the restitution was abandoned after the city said it didn't approve of the agreement.

Patrick Titterington, city service and safety director, said the city was not willing to waive the restitution.

A meeting March 4, of Brosh, Lopez and a city representative to attempt to reach a resolution failed to end in an agreement.