Area between Ridge Ave. on the West, Peters Road on the South, South Market Street, Canal Street, Monroe Street and Miami River on the East and the Corporation line on the north. Also, the area between South Market and CSX Railroad, south of Canal Street to include Southview. Pick-up scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 12 through Tuesday, Nov. 17.
To help provide efficient collection, residents are asked to assist by:
• Keep leaf piles free of routine yard waste, tree limbs, trash, rocks, etc. These items can damage collection equipment and delaying the collection process. See Yard Waste Collection for appropriate disposal of routine yard waste other than leaves.
• Rake leaves to the street one (1) foot out from the curb. Leaving this space between the curb and the leaves will allow for drainage of the street when it rains.
• Do not block catch basins with piles of leaves. This can plug up/reduce the flow of rainwater, causing flooding issues.
• Do not place leaf piles around or between parked cars. Leaf piles between or around parked cars will not be collected.
Residents can take their leaves to the Dye Mill Road facility in lieu of placing them in the street. The facility remains open until November 28, 2015. Residents can also place leaves in the City of Troy Yard Waste Bags (T-bags). Yard Waste Bags can be disposed of two ways - collected weekly on the regular trash collection day at the resident's curb, or taken to the Dye Mill Road Compost Facility.