The fifth Miami County celebration of Philanthropy Day was held Nov. 5 at Hartzell Propeller in Piqua.


The activities included hearing information on giving statewide and nationally and celebrating generosity of local residents. Also recognized this year were the owners and employees of Hartzell Propeller for outstanding dedication to the community.


“Miami County is a great place to live and work because we have generous and caring residents who share their resources with others,” said Cheryl Stiefel-Francis, executive director of the Miami County Foundation.


The following statistics on giving were given: Total contributions nationally in 2014 was $358.4 billion, up 7.1 percent from the previous year; individual giving was up 5.7 percent, foundation giving, up 8.2 percent; giving through bequests, up 15.5 percent; and corporate giving, up 13.7 percent.


In Ohio, charitable giving last year totaled $7.8 billion. Of that, $6.1 billion came through individual giving.


Melissa Kleptz of the Troy Foundation called the statistics "phenomenal." She said the day allows individuals, public officials, nonprofit organizations and businesses to come together and realize together how work gets done in the county through general giving of one’s time, talents and treasures. “It is a time to celebrate all that we accomplish by working together in our communities and throughout Miami County,” she said.