Concord Township Trustee Tom Mercer provided an update on the Clayton Ditch that drains the Lakeshore/Beechwood/Lakewood subdivision during the Trustees November 3 meeting. The drainage for the area was evaluated and a meeting was conducted to review the proposed petition. Thirty residents attended.

According to the county, the first step in the process will be to estimate costs and to determine the advantages and disadvantages of reworking the ditch drainage. The county asked residents to provide repair bills and receipts for the last eight years to help establish their costs. However, the residents may not be able to supply the information. An estimate of construction costs will be undertaken. If the costs exceed the benefits, the evaluators may not recommend the upgrade. Residents in the area strongly support the drainage project. The county pointed out that any action take must adhere to the flood regulations. No further action is expected to be taken until after the holidays.

Pat Quillen, Fiscal Officer, reported that she doesn't expect the gasoline excise tax to be paid until December or January.

In the Road Superintendent Report, Trustee Don Pence reported for Neil Rhoades, who was not in attendance, that the road crew is working on leaf pickup.

In old business, Mercer reported that the Storm Water II and Leaf Pickup Information were sent to township residents. The Storm Water II Information provides residents instructions on the proper disposal of chemicals and yard waste to prevent pollution of the ground water. In addition, the Leaf Pickup Instructions provide a schedule for pickup and information on how to prepare leaves for pickup. Mercer also announced that there is a Storm Water II meeting on December 3, 2015.

In new business, Pence brought up a concern regarding Workers Compensation Insurance. He said, "In previous years the township experienced low payment estimates and therefore low premiums; however, the estimates have increased for payouts and the township can expect a 50% increase to premium payments."

The Township Officers continue to review the Township Website with the web host, Philip Kelly. Their goal is to make the website more accessible and user friendly.

The next regular meeting of the Concord Township Trustees is scheduled for November 17, 2015 at 10:0 a.m. in the Concord Township Building.