A former Troy woman convicted of interference with custody for fleeing to Las Vegas in 2014 with her four-year-old daughter was sentenced Nov. 24, to three years of community control sanctions.

Eva Villamor-Goubeaux, 40, now of the Columbus area, was arrested Feb. 27, 2014, on a warrant issued in Miami County following a complaint by her ex-husband that she had taken their daughter and fled the state.

Judge Christopher Gee of Miami County Common Pleas Court heard evidence in the case in September and found Villamor-Goubeaux guilty. The judge said she violated a written agreement filed with the court on visitation when she fled the state in late November 2013, first going to New Jersey and then to Nevada.

Gee’s sentence included orders that Villamor-Goubeaux pay $1,571 in restitution to her ex-husband. The amount of restitution was stipulated by prosecutors and the defense lawyer before sentencing.

Gee, who previously ordered Villamor-Goubeaux to turn in her U.S. passport, also ordered her to also turn in a Filipino passport within 60 days.