Residents need to beware when taking calls on home or cell phones this holiday season. One of the latest scams involves individuals calling and letting you know that your computer “has problems”. The caller explains that he is with a reputable computer software company and that there is a problem with your computer. He also offers you the opportunity to have it repaired remotely with the simple support of your credit card number or your bank account number.

One person called by the scammer felt uneasy following the call and went straight to his bank for help. This quick action most likely saved his life savings from the scammers as he did provide account information during the call and they had already began making charges to his accounts.

If you did not contact a company for service, do not give out any personal information. Never supply your bank or credit card information over the phone. The scammers are quick to run a check for the account and unless you have fraud protection, your checking can be wiped out in a matter of minutes. It is also wise not to keep large balances in your checking account but rather have a savings that you can transfer money as needed.

A computer company is not going to call and tell you that you have a problem. The IRS is not going to call and tell you that you owe taxes. The court system will not call you and claim that you owe fees.

If you have a computer problem, you would need to find a reputable service person and take your computer to them. If you owe the IRS or the courts, you will get a letter in the mail.

Be careful this holiday season and into the New Year. Scammers are getting better at convincing you that there may be a balance owed on an account.

Never donate to a charity over the phone. Today you cannot be sure if they are truly calling for support or if they are scammers hoping to get a credit card number. It is best to donate to a cause that you know and trust and have donated to in the past. You can always check on the authenticity of a charity that you might not recognize by calling the non-emergency line of the Clark County Sheriff at 328-2560. Let them know that you think you may have heard from a scammer and they can help with this.

Tis the Season for giving, but not for getting scammed.