Staunton Trustees placed a 1 mil, 5-year renewal request for Casstown Fire Department coverage.  This is not a new tax.  The tax will cost property owners $.10 for each $100 of property value. Township residents will vote on the levy on the May 6, 2014 ballot.

Casstown Fire Chief Chad Loy announced that the Fire Department will be offering CPR Training every three to four months for interested township and Casstown residents.  The program will cost township residents only the cost of the card.  He stated that the ideal class size is about six people.  First responders need training for infants, children and adults, but all others need only the adult CPR.  The training is good for two years.  As the Fire Department develops the class, more details on the price, dates and contact information will be made available.

In addition, Chief Loy delivered the contract for fire service for Staunton Township covering 2014, 2015, and 2016 to the trustees.

Jeff Cron, Trustee, approached Loy with the idea of a Fire District and/or an Ambulance District for Miami County Townships west of I-75.  Cron's argument was the areas could do more if they pooled their resources. Loy indicated that there are good and bad points to the approach.  He said, when you create a district covering multiple jurisdictions, there is a "loss of community support and identity."  In addition, given the area to be covered, multiple stations would be necessary.  Also, because of the monies available, the districts would need a mix of full-time, part-time employees and volunteers.  Loy noted that this can lead to resentments and personnel issues.  The trustees and the fire chief agreed that more research needed to be done to determine if either a Fire District or Ambulance District is a viable alternate for the areas.

Fiscal Officer, Michael DeWeese attended the Miami County Sanitary Meeting.  Currently, the only place to dispose of out-of-date and unneeded prescription medications is at the Sheriff's Department.  In addition, he attended the County Health Department Meeting.  The Health Department is in the process of inspecting the sewage systems.  This inspection occurs every five years.  Residents are accessed fees for this service.

The township received a grant that paid for portable emergency lights and to cover conventions.  Mr. DeWeese thanked Levi Long for his efforts to apply and secure the grant.

The township received notification from the state to provide information on passive railroad crossing in the township.  In the past, the Orbison Road railroad crossing would have qualified as a passive crossing. However, over the past three years the trustees have taken action to eliminate the crossing by constructing a by-pass around it from just north of the tracks to W. Rusk Road.  The trustees recognized long before the state made the ruling to change passive crossing from yield to stop signs that the crossing was hazardous.  During the last three years, they acquired the necessary property, laid the road foundation, and black topped the new surface.  The passive crossing no longer exist thanks to the foresight and proactive action by the trustees.

The township inherited a small sum from the Leo Grusenmeyer estate.

The township has been invited to participate in the state Partnership Bidding Program.  Before the next meeting, the trustees will evaluate road conditions throughout the township for repaving and center line repaints to submit to the bid process.  The submission of the work does not obligate the township to participate in the program.

The township received notification that all liquor licenses are up for renewal.  If they have any objections to the renewals, they must notify the state liquor control agency.