Prison terms were ordered Monday, Nov. 28, for two Troy residents who police said made marijuana and hashish edibles.

Troy police said they seized the edibles June 3 along with scales and other items used in production of hashish oil.

Timothy Housley, 26, and Sarah Ritchie, 33, originally were charged with one count each of felony trafficking in drugs and cultivating a controlled substance and two counts of possession of hashish (in liquid and sold forms).

They later pleaded guilty in plea deals with prosecutors to one count of second-degree felony trafficking in drugs, hashish, and two counts of third-degree felony possession of drugs. The trafficking in drugs charges included a notation the offenses took place in the vicinity of a juvenile.

Housley was sentenced to five years while Ritchie was sentenced to four years. They agreed to forfeit $609 taken during the search of the house.

At her sentencing, Ritchie said she regretted her actions and would not repeat them. "My children have paid tremendously" for the crimes, she said.

Her lawyer, Rebecca Barthelemy-Smith, described Ritchie as "very naive" about the charges, adding, "She is probably one of the nicest criminals I have met."

Housley questioned why a four-year term was recommended for Ritchie and his was for five years. Paul Watkins, assistant county prosecutor, said Ritchie was more cooperative with investigators.

Housley called his actions "immature and stupid."

Troy Police Capt. Jeff Kunkleman said police seized 48 small containers with cheesecakes, three containers of ice cream and a couple dozen brownies during the search. Police had been working on the investigation for a couple of months and had conducted controlled buys of the edibles from the house, he said.

The house by coincidence was located near the site of the Strawberry Festival held the weekend of the arrests. Police were told the items seized had been prepared for acquaintances visiting during the weekend, Kunkleman said.