A Troy police sergeant received a written reprimand and was ordered to undergo additional sexual harassment training following an internal investigation of allegations made in an anonymous email to city leaders.
Sgt. Joe Stutz received the reprimand from Chief Charles Phelps on Dec. 2, according to documents released by the city on Dec. 8.
An email from an account “Helen of Troy” was received by the city Sept. 27. The anonymous author outlined a series of allegations against Stutz, some dating more than a dozen years.
The city was not able to identify who wrote the email, said Patrick Titterington, city service and safety director.
“Although the email was sent anonymously and possibly without credibility, due to the sensitive nature of some of the allegations and our desire to protect the integrity and reputation of our sergeant, department and community, we felt that a thorough investigation should be made.  Mayor Beamish and I are satisfied that a complete, objective, and professional investigation was conducted and that the appropriate and correct conclusions were reached,” Titterington said.
Phelps said Capt. Jeff Kunkleman was assigned to conduct an internal investigation that included interviews with several officers who were present or reported to be present during the alleged actions.
Following the investigation of 12 alleged actions, it was found seven were unsubstantiated; four confirmed and handled previously by verbal reprimands and one allegation confirmed but not addressed.
Phelps wrote the written reprimand resulted from the investigation into claims Stutz had sexually harassed the department female officer by calling her names. The officer did not report the incident and described her relationship with Stutz as “fine.”
“Your comments and conduct against (the officer) though she made no complaint against you, are a violation of policy,” Phelps said in the letter to Stutz. “As a supervisor, you have a greater responsibility to guard against this behavior and to be an example for those in your charge. I would advise you to take that responsibility seriously.”