State Senator Bill Beagle (R-Tipp City) applauded the creation of a new online tool helping to connect Ohio’s employers with a pool of newly trained workers possessing the skills needed to fill the most in-demand jobs. 

Businesses can use specific labor market data to compare candidates statewide for strategic recruitment decisions, and policymakers can gain data-driven insights to prioritize workforce reform. The purpose of the tool is to help all parties better understand the current supply of labor and to help businesses meet current and future talent and workforce needs.

“Access to real-time data about Ohio’s emerging workforce helps employers find and compete for the most qualified individuals to fill available positions,” said Senator Beagle who leads the Ohio Senate Subcommittee on Workforce Development. “This online tool assists higher education leaders as well as students and families in determining which programs offer the best returns on investment. As Ohio’s higher education and training programs compete for limited resources, we must determine which best align with the state’s critical workforce needs, and which should be reevaluated.”

The Workforce Supply Tool, made possible by a $180,000 National Skills Coalition State Workforce and Education Alignment Project (SWEAP) Grant, connects businesses to local technical centers, community colleges and universities to discover emerging talent within in-demand fields. The supply tool will reside on the website under the Employer tab at The Workforce Supply Tool.

Still in its prototype stage, the website was a collaborative effort between the Ohio Department of Higher Education, the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation and the Department of Job and Family Services. Officials from the three state entities gathered on Thursday for a live demonstration of the new online tool. 

The supply tool, which currently includes approximately 20 in-demand occupations, will be expanded early next year to include 200 individual occupations, making regional supply pipeline forecasts predictable for employers across the state of Ohio.