More detailed plans are in the works for the One Wellness Place private-public partnership building to offer under one roof behavioral health and other social services, the Miami County commissioners were told during a project update Nov. 2.
Mark McDaniel, executive director of the Tri-County Board of Recovery and Mental Health Services, showed the commissioners concept site and building plans. The One Wellness Place is proposed for construction on property off County Road 25A, between Troy and Piqua and to the south of the Health Partners Free Clinic.
A ceremonial groundbreaking for an estimated $6 million project was held in late January at the nearby county fairgrounds. The building would be located on seven acres and follow a one-stop shop concept for providing a variety of services.
McDaniel said efforts continue to find the best way to provide an assessment of potential clients as they enter the One Wellness Place front door.
A two-floor structure covering 35,000 to 40,000 square feet is taking shape. “We are getting a solid grasp on the footprint of the building,” McDaniel said.
Several agencies have signed memorandums of understanding to locate in the facility such as Tri-County board, Miami County Recovery Council, Recovery & Wellness of Midwest Ohio and Miami County Public Health.
The most recent addition was Genoa Pharmacy, a business that specializes in behavioral health medications.
The cost estimate for the project has grown to about $7.25 million, McDaniel said, adding $4.2 million has been commitment to the project so far. More fundraising is taking place, he said.
Among funding commitments ae $2 million from the Tri-County Board, $500,000 from the state capital budget and a $220,000 pledge plus in-kind support from CareSource. Foundations also have made awards and other contributions have come from private sources.
The next step in the project will be seeking bids on site work, followed by those on building construction. Hopes are the building will be ready for occupancy in 2019, McDaniel said.
Commission President Jack Evans called the project “exciting.”
McDaniel asked if the commission would consider providing snow removal and mowing services at the property. Those services would be one way the county “could help us out,” he said.
Evans said the commission would have to look into the legalities associated with providing that type of assistance.