You don’t have to get hit on the head to suffer a concussion or to have problems with vertigo, balance, and dizziness. Troy Rotarians hosted Sarah Conover of Xcel Sports Medicine during the club’s weekly meeting on Dec. 12th and learned more about her specialty in concussion and vestibular rehabilitation.

A licensed physical therapist, Conover has her own practice within Xcel Sports Medicine, which has locations in Anna, Vandalia, and Beavercreek. She works with patients who are either referred to her by a physician or those who seek her consultation on their own.

Vestibular rehabilitation involves issues related to the inner ear. Such problems can result from trouble with strength, flexibility, weight, medicine, sleep deprivation, and blood pressure, among others. Eighty percent of her patient interactions are related to vestibular issues, while the other 20 percent are general interactions, such as rehabilitation related to Parkinson’s Disease. Conover provides therapy and training for balance, dizziness, vertigo, and concussion injuries.

Nationwide, more than two million concussion injuries are reported. Of these, 90 percent involve no loss of consciousness and are rarely diagnosed on imaging such as MRIs. While many of her patients are athletes, particularly of a young age, she sees many older folks with concussions from falls, auto accidents, and vertigo. The most common form of vertigo is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (or BPPV), a false sensation of spinning that is caused by calcium carbonate crystals loosening and shifting from the utricle to a canal. It is a common ailment that becomes more prevalent as a person ages. To treat it, Conover mechanically manipulates the patient’s head to relocate those crystals back to their proper place, often in just a few visits. To learn more, visit

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