The students at The Miami Montessori School in Troy donned their yellow scarves in celebration of National School Choice Week, January 24-30. “Parents have many educational choices for their children and we want them to know that a Montessori education is an option in the Miami Valley region. Many parents, after looking into our academic program and visiting our school, discover that it is exactly the type of educational experience and environment they are seeking for their children.” stated Sharon Prais, Head of School.

The Miami Montessori School, established as a preschool in 1979, currently offers learning opportunities to children from 3 through 12 years of age. The Montessori Method allows children to progress according to their unique interests and capacities. It is a whole child approach, focusing on the child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical needs. With an environment that is nurturing and prepared with a wealth of appealing hands-on learning activities, the school provides a challenging educational experience designed to bring out the child’s natural sense of wonder. The rich curriculum allows students to explore the depth of subjects, as well as the breadth. Further, our Montessori program effectively removes grade-level limits on learning that are so often found in a traditional setting. Our curriculum allows students to move ahead in a way that is consistent with their ability and motivation.

“When we began looking for a school, our top priority was a safe environment where the other families were as committed to finding the best possible education for their child. After researching every method of education, we determined our child would be a perfect fit for Montessori. We met with the staff of The Miami Montessori School and knew this was the right choice. This school provides a warm, nurturing environment where creating independent thinkers comes naturally. We’ve never regretted our choice. Our daughter has flourished under the guidance of a caring staff that is highly trained in the Montessori Method.” –Greg and Julie Stephens, Parents of an Upper Elementary student

Integrated throughout the Montessori curriculum is an emphasis on the development of mutually respectful relationships, compassion, and other humanistic qualities. Children are encouraged to become independent critical thinkers, ask provocative questions, develop multicultural awareness, and adapt to new situations. In following these ideals, we are dedicated to fostering the growth of confident, responsible, and adaptive global citizens who are lifelong learners and creative problem-solvers.

“My time at the Miami Montessori School helped me develop a foundation for lifelong learning. The Montessori Method allowed me to work through material at my own pace and also investigate the topics that were most interesting to me. The learning strategies, like the hands-on math materials, helped make it possible to work through concepts independently even at a young age.” – Irene Brockman Reizman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and an Alumna of The Miami Montessori School.

The Miami Montessori School is located at 86 Troy Town Drive in Troy. Additional information can be obtained by calling the school at 937-339-0025 or through the website at